Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's sure to draw the chicks...

Some people have the need to shop...
some to play music...
some to act...

I feel the need to C.R.E.A.T.E!!!
...and to take something ordinary and turn it into something fun and funky.

Take for example this simple, seemingly ordinary chick feeder.

I picked it up at a yard sale for a ridiculous price...
...wasn't sure what I was gonna do with it...
...but I knew it had the potential to be adorable.

...and a festive and ever familiar bag of delicious
(gross, I know, but you know that you love them, too)
candy corn.
They are only $2 a bag at Target.

...Oh and the help of your eager 5-year old. she is over-sugared after trying to be helpful

TA-DA!!! Isn't in cute? I love it!

I was planning on selling it at the upcoming Junk Salvation Show (October 15-16...Puyallup, WA). But I was thinking to myself that it would sure be cute with peppermint discs at Christmas, Jelly Beans and Easter, ETC).
It may just find a home here with us...but up higher out of children's reach.
It is sure to draw 'chicks' of all types.

Hope you enjoy this tutorial...
...let me know something ordinary that you've made into some

Monday, October 4, 2010

Here we go....

Well, times-a-tickin' and lots to do for

I (it's me, Margee) seem to always have impeccable timing for things...
such as my nasty cold, ACHOO!
Excuse me, and finalizing things for the show.

Tho I may be moving like molasses in January,
I am at least inching my way towards all things fun and eclectic!

Here I am making some RULE signs.
Tinell and I have been working on different variations of these for the sale
and we do take CUSTOM ORDERS!!!

So, we will keep you posted and come and see us on Oct 15 and 16!!!

Hooray for all things junkity and treasure like!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Junk Salvation

Are we really approaching the end of September?
The Puyallup Fair is half-over and
we're past the midpoint of the month, so I guess so!?!
You know what that means???

It means that Margee, Bri and I are gearing up BIG-TIME for the upcoming
'Junk Salvation Show'; presented by the Funky Junk Sisters, Linda and Dixie.

I found myself reaching for a brown paper bag last week so that I could breathe into it and try and prevent myself from hyperventilating.
Or at least it seemed that way.

So I got my bearings together and made my
'Junk Salvation To-Do-List'
(...for those who know me, I am known for making lists-it's the 'Type-A' planner side of me).
I've come to accept it and embrace it.

Sew my apron for the show...CHECK!!! (and it's oh so cute!)
Cleaning My Treasures...CHECK!!!
Tagging...IN PROGRESS!!!
Create a few more treasures...
Sew Pillows...
Paint an incredible find(tease)...

I am eager to put 'CHECK' next to each of these items... time.
I have a month after all.
...well, not really, the show is October 15-16
(technically, less than a month away)

So today, while the hubb was working, I loaded up a few of my favorite treasures and brought them in the house (the garage was damp and muggy) for pricing.

I thought that I would provide you all with a 'sneak-peak' teaser of a few of MYmost favorite items that will be at Junk Salvation.

Here is an overview of 'Pricing-Round One.'

An up-close...
Notice the:
-adorable mustard color enamel teapot,
-apple print cake 'caddy' (I think cake 'caddy' sounds more fun than cake plate?)
-vintage Santa Claus tree topper
-vintage Elf-on-a-Shelf
-hobnail vases

-another enamel teapot (a little more contemporary version)
-incredible Ball canning jars (in classic blue)
-four fun enamelware tea cups
and my most favorite...

The Farm Fresh Milk Box with four glass milk jars.
You can't tell but behind this little presentation of treasures, I have my own cardboard milk carrier with bottles and I used it A LOT this summer as a centerpiece full of hydrangeas.
(What would you do with it?)

I A.D.O.R.E. these!!
They will be sold individually because I think that they are cute enough to either stand alone or as a pair on a long fence or potting bench.
They are priced at only $12 a piece...what a steal!

And I'll end my teasing with this little sweetie.
It's a child metal tray with four different nursery rhymes printed on it.

Try as I may, I just haven't been able to find the 'perfect' spot for it in my home...
Do you have a spot for it in yours?

OK....I have a job for you.
OK, well get ready.
I'll wait.
Get a pen and your calendar.
Turn to October.
Mark Junk Salvation on October 15 AND 16.
That's right...both days.
Why both, you ask?
Because Friday Night's $15 admission gets you in both days...
...and vendors will be putting out new stuff Friday night after y'all have left.
It's worth the trip back Saturday morning.

(And in case you're hitting Starbucks prior to visiting,I'd love a Grande, Non-Fat, STIRRED Caramel Macchiato)

Just kidding...well unless you really are stopping...I'll pay you back.

HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE... sure and stop by to say hello!
one of the three '4th Avenue Gals'

Sunday, May 23, 2010


...the three of us that are the gals of '4th Avenue.'

We'll start with Margee...aka "little miss creative." No kidding...this girl can take anything and turn it into something amazing! Honest! For instance her adorable bracelets made of recycled keyboard keys or some incredible and unique necklaces. Margee has the eye and usually has at least one or two projects in the works.
Margee has a very creative eye and is the first call I make when I am stuck on a project and in need of a creative therapist. One of these days, I'll post a pic of her 'studio,' because it is amazing as well. As soon as you walk in, inspiration just flows through you and the sudden urge to sit and create is a good way.
When shopping, Margee is first drawn to: anything unique and out of the ordinary that can either be repurposed or just perched on her bookshelf.
Here is the link to Margee's individual blog:

Next, is Bri...aka "the cheerleader." She is always so supportive of our projects and pushing us to venture out of our comfort zone and try new things. For instance, the Funky Junk Sisters Show. Without Bri's persistence and confidence, I think we would have just stayed home just looking at our piles of treasures (...and had unhappy hubbs). But as a result, we went, we sold...and we had a blast.
Bri is drawn mostly to 50's kitch' and retro; as well as most things that are white and chippy. She loves shopping for things that are vintage holiday should see her collection of vintage Christmas goodies; it is quite impressive! I am thrilled to have her as a part of our team. It wouldn't be the same without her.
Here is the link to Bri's personal blog:

And finally there's me, Tinell...aka "the garden girl" (as described by Margee). I decided last summer that in order to justify the amount of treasures that I have in my collection, I had to sell a few here and there to keep my hubb happy; thus came the 4th Avenue gals. So's working! :-)
I would say that I am first drawn to just about anything rusty! I love vintage garden tools and old farm equipment. I try and spend my little free time in my garden with my two girls and love having it equipped with rusty goods. I am hoping that by surrounding my girls with a plethora of yesterday's treasures, they will themselves discover their own unique taste of things out of the ordinary (but they are only 5 and that is yet to be determined; although, my oldest is quick to pick up ANYTHING rusty and present me with it). She's in training.
Lately, I am also seem to be really attracted to what I would describe as industrial...lots of galvanized and corrugated metal.
I am eager to continue to spend time with these two good friends of mine and continue my searches of unique goodies.
Here is a link to my personal blog:

You will find a recap of our experiences at the Funky Junk Sisters Vintage Flea on both mine and Bri's personal blogs...They were posted prior to the creation of this blog.

I invite you to please leave a comment for us, as we look forward to meeting lots of new friends both through our blog and our travels and adventures.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

And We're Off!

Two trucks and one van loaded down and full of excitement we three headed to the South Hill in Puyallup, WA to set up for the Funky Junk Sister's Vintage Flea market.

Tinell, Bri, and myself, Margee, in front of our humble space on Saturday. We had so much fun and met many wonderful people at the flea market.