Sunday, May 23, 2010


...the three of us that are the gals of '4th Avenue.'

We'll start with Margee...aka "little miss creative." No kidding...this girl can take anything and turn it into something amazing! Honest! For instance her adorable bracelets made of recycled keyboard keys or some incredible and unique necklaces. Margee has the eye and usually has at least one or two projects in the works.
Margee has a very creative eye and is the first call I make when I am stuck on a project and in need of a creative therapist. One of these days, I'll post a pic of her 'studio,' because it is amazing as well. As soon as you walk in, inspiration just flows through you and the sudden urge to sit and create is a good way.
When shopping, Margee is first drawn to: anything unique and out of the ordinary that can either be repurposed or just perched on her bookshelf.
Here is the link to Margee's individual blog:

Next, is Bri...aka "the cheerleader." She is always so supportive of our projects and pushing us to venture out of our comfort zone and try new things. For instance, the Funky Junk Sisters Show. Without Bri's persistence and confidence, I think we would have just stayed home just looking at our piles of treasures (...and had unhappy hubbs). But as a result, we went, we sold...and we had a blast.
Bri is drawn mostly to 50's kitch' and retro; as well as most things that are white and chippy. She loves shopping for things that are vintage holiday should see her collection of vintage Christmas goodies; it is quite impressive! I am thrilled to have her as a part of our team. It wouldn't be the same without her.
Here is the link to Bri's personal blog:

And finally there's me, Tinell...aka "the garden girl" (as described by Margee). I decided last summer that in order to justify the amount of treasures that I have in my collection, I had to sell a few here and there to keep my hubb happy; thus came the 4th Avenue gals. So's working! :-)
I would say that I am first drawn to just about anything rusty! I love vintage garden tools and old farm equipment. I try and spend my little free time in my garden with my two girls and love having it equipped with rusty goods. I am hoping that by surrounding my girls with a plethora of yesterday's treasures, they will themselves discover their own unique taste of things out of the ordinary (but they are only 5 and that is yet to be determined; although, my oldest is quick to pick up ANYTHING rusty and present me with it). She's in training.
Lately, I am also seem to be really attracted to what I would describe as industrial...lots of galvanized and corrugated metal.
I am eager to continue to spend time with these two good friends of mine and continue my searches of unique goodies.
Here is a link to my personal blog:

You will find a recap of our experiences at the Funky Junk Sisters Vintage Flea on both mine and Bri's personal blogs...They were posted prior to the creation of this blog.

I invite you to please leave a comment for us, as we look forward to meeting lots of new friends both through our blog and our travels and adventures.

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