Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's sure to draw the chicks...

Some people have the need to shop...
some to play music...
some to act...

I feel the need to C.R.E.A.T.E!!!
...and to take something ordinary and turn it into something fun and funky.

Take for example this simple, seemingly ordinary chick feeder.

I picked it up at a yard sale for a ridiculous price...
...wasn't sure what I was gonna do with it...
...but I knew it had the potential to be adorable.

...and a festive and ever familiar bag of delicious
(gross, I know, but you know that you love them, too)
candy corn.
They are only $2 a bag at Target.

...Oh and the help of your eager 5-year old. she is over-sugared after trying to be helpful

TA-DA!!! Isn't in cute? I love it!

I was planning on selling it at the upcoming Junk Salvation Show (October 15-16...Puyallup, WA). But I was thinking to myself that it would sure be cute with peppermint discs at Christmas, Jelly Beans and Easter, ETC).
It may just find a home here with us...but up higher out of children's reach.
It is sure to draw 'chicks' of all types.

Hope you enjoy this tutorial...
...let me know something ordinary that you've made into some

Monday, October 4, 2010

Here we go....

Well, times-a-tickin' and lots to do for

I (it's me, Margee) seem to always have impeccable timing for things...
such as my nasty cold, ACHOO!
Excuse me, and finalizing things for the show.

Tho I may be moving like molasses in January,
I am at least inching my way towards all things fun and eclectic!

Here I am making some RULE signs.
Tinell and I have been working on different variations of these for the sale
and we do take CUSTOM ORDERS!!!

So, we will keep you posted and come and see us on Oct 15 and 16!!!

Hooray for all things junkity and treasure like!