Tuesday, August 9, 2011

4th Ave crosses state lines...

Have we really let it go 10 months without posting on our
4th Avenue blog?
It's true...
It's been neglected...
My deepest apologies.
After getting a suggestion from a gal that we need a
'4th Avenue Blog,'
I decided that I'd better post something...
because how embarrassing to tell her we already have one
and to have the latest post be from last October.

And really there was no better time or opportunity
than now because Margee and I have just returned from
Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

We were invited to attend the inaugural
'Junk Salvation' show
by Funky Junk Sisters,
Linda and Dixie.

Since Bri is still adjusting to motherhood
and loving on her
new baby girl,
Margee and I decided to load up the trailers
and take this 'show on the road.'

As you can see by the pictures...
the road turned out to be
a little steeper and have a sharper right-hand turn
than we expected
{and only 3 blocks away from Margee's home}
(DISCLAIMER: Not my truck and neither she nor I were driving)
And I have to point out the the aforementioned trailer,
in which you can see it's under-sides...
was stocked full of our
That's right...all of our:
-hobnail vases
-vintage salt and pepper shakers
-antique Ball canning jars,
etc, etc, etc
were inside of this trailer.
{notice how high the back tires are off of the ground...}
Margee and I quickly assessed the situation
and since my truck and trailer
{still upright}
contained all of our bigger items...
we decided to go-ahead to Idaho and Margee's husband, Dan and their 3 kiddo's would get the trailer upright, get a new hitch system and meet up with us in Coeur D'Alene.

I crawled into the back of our truck and took this aerial photo of
my truck filled to the brim with our shelves, chairs,
GIGANTIC neon letters.
Then I handed the camera to Margee to take a side-view photo...
and then I abruptly fell off of the side of my truck.
I straight fell to the ground.
Not sure how I didn't hurt myself...
but the last thing Margee said she saw was my arm disappearing over the side of the truck...
and then as I lay FLAT on the ground,
she asked if I was o.k....
to which I responded,
'Nice shoes, Margee.'
She was kind enough to race over a take this lovely of me...
laying on the ground...
trying to gather up my pride and dignity.
5 1/2 hours later...
and 2 stops at Starbucks...
we arrived in Coeur D'Alene.
We couldn't wait to see Linda and Dixie...
as they were eager to hear the whole story of the
'tipped-over' trailer.
Remarkably enough,
after we had unloaded all of our bigger items,
and had the 'bones' of our booth set up...
Dan pulled up only 2 1/2 hours behind us.
{the big unveiling of the trailer....now upright}
The story of how our trip started out had begin to spread throughout the venue...
and after some initial laughs and questions...
the other vendors began to pitch in and give us a hand unloading our things.
Being a part of this 'junkin' community has really introduced us to
A LOT of REALLY great people from all over.
{a HUGE thanks to all of you who rallied around us to help us make
our time in Coeur, D'Alene a great one}

Doors are open...
let the show begin...
So after some serious
and sweat...
We were pretty proud of our booth.
Here is the view we had...
across the isle from us were Linda and Dixie...
some of the nicest sisters I have ever had the pleasure of meeting!
Thanks girls for all of your help and hospitality.
We probably would have stayed home had it not been for you both!
We had a great time,
met some even greater people,
sold a few things,
shared a few laughs
and then it was time to head home.

I could not resist pulling over to take a picture of this
{nothing short of incredible}
If only I'd brought my ladder and wrenches...
I would have brought it home.
Huge THANKS to all who supported us
and came to visit Junk Salvation in Idaho.
{P.S. sidenote: After unloading the over turned trailer...
we found only 2 {can you believe it} things broken.

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  1. Wow! Another crazy adventure... sounds like you gals had a great time though. Glad everything worked out okay and I am amazed that only two things were broken. So lucky! Can't wait for the next Junk Salvation show this fall! PS love that market sign. Did it sell?